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Prepare and Schedule Your CDL Test

Welcome to your first step towards a successful career in commercial driving. Our CDL test guide and scheduling portal is designed to make your preparation as seamless as possible. Whether you're a first-time test taker or needing a refresher, we've got you covered.

Quick Guide to CDL Testing

What You Need to Know

  • Vehicle Inspection: Learn to thoroughly inspect your vehicle as you would need to demonstrate this ability before taking the road. Ensure you know each part's function and signs of potential issues.

  • Basic Skills Maneuver: Master the basic maneuvers that you will need to perform in a controlled environment. These skills include backing up, turning, and parking, which are critical for safe driving.

  • Road Skills: Prepare for the on-road test where you will need to show your ability to handle a commercial vehicle in various traffic conditions and environments.

Requirements for CDL Testing

  • Medical Card: Hold a DOT physical given by your doctor.

  • Commercial Learner's Permit: Have completed written tests to obtain your Commercial Leaner's Permit at the DMV.

  • ELDT Theory: Complete Entry-Level Driver Training Theory Online course and receive a certification.

  • ELDT Behind-The-Wheel:  Complete Entry-Level Driver Training Behind-The-Wheel with your school and become proficient.

Preparation Tips

Study Resources: Access our comprehensive study guide

Preparation Tips: Prioritize areas like air brakes knowledge, vehicle inspection routines, and logbook regulations to boost your confidence and readiness.

How to Schedule Your CDL Test

  1. Access Zoom Scheduler: Click on our easy-to-use scheduling tool

  2. Enter your information: All the fields are required for smooth test schedule.

  3. Make Payment: Quick and easy CDL Test Appointment

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