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Exciting Partnership Update: CDL ELDTPREP Courses Now More Affordable!

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Florida CDL is excited to share news of our partnership with, a leading provider of commercial driving and entry-level driver training (ELDT) theory courses. Together, we're making a significant move to support the dreams of aspiring commercial drivers across Florida and beyond. We understand the hurdles and financial constraints many face on their journey to becoming professional drivers. That's why we're thrilled to announce that, through our partnership, CDLELDTPREP has reduced the price of their comprehensive CDL/ELDT theory courses to an unprecedented $24.99.

United in CDL Success

Our collaboration with stems from a shared mission: to offer accessible, high-quality training resources that empower individuals to achieve their career goals in the transportation industry. This partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to making education both affordable and excellent, ensuring no aspiring driver is left behind due to cost.

What This Means for Aspiring Drivers in Florida

  • Unmatched Affordability: The significant price reduction to $24.99 makes these essential courses more accessible than ever. This change opens doors for numerous Floridians to either kickstart or advance their careers in commercial driving without financial strain.

  • Uncompromised Quality: Despite the lower price, the quality of CDLELDTPREP's courses remains top-notch. Aspiring drivers will continue to receive the same comprehensive education, interactive sessions, and expert support they need to succeed on the road and meet federal CDL and ELDT requirements.

  • A Tailored Learning Experience: CDLELDTPREP's courses are designed to provide a unique and engaging educational journey. Their innovative approach ensures that learners not only meet but exceed the necessary standards, preparing them for real-world challenges and success.

Explore the Opportunities Today

Whether you're at the starting line of your commercial driving career or looking to enhance your skills, there has never been a better time to explore what has to offer. With this new, more affordable pricing, we're eager to help more individuals in Florida and beyond to achieve their ambitions in the transportation sector.

Join Our Community

At Florida CDL, we're more than just a licensing body; we're a community dedicated to fostering a new generation of skilled, knowledgeable, and safe commercial drivers. Together with, we're lowering the barriers to education and training. We invite you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and join us in driving towards a safer, more skilled future on the roads.

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