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Florida CDL's admission standards are tailored to match the expectations of employers hiring entry-level drivers. Explore the comprehensive list of requirements to launch your new career today!

Who meets the criteria of a perfect candidate?

You'll need to submit a completed and signed application, followed by an interview with our admissions staff. This ensures your suitability for training and your commitment to training-related employment or other program-related goals. A qualified applicant fulfills these criteria:

Valid Driver's License

Applicants must possess a current, valid driver's license in order to be considered.

Learner's Permit (CLP)

Applicants must possess a current, valid Commercial Learners Permit for eligiblity.

Pass a Physical

Must be able to pass the Department of Transportation physical

Why are these the requirements?

To drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in Florida, securing a Florida Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is a must. CDLs have different classes and endorsements tailored for specific cargo types, each with its own set of criteria. At FLORIDA CDL, we strictly adhere to Florida's CDL requirements. For more details, visit the Department of Transportation's website.

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What's the next step?

If you lack any of these materials, worry not – we're here to assist you! With a weekly onsite doctor for physicals and drug screenings, and support in obtaining your Motor Vehicle Record and permit, FleetForce ensures you have everything required to kickstart your trucking career today. Sign up below, and we'll reach out shortly to discuss the upcoming steps!

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