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Florida CDL provides various tuition payment options for the Entry Level Driver Training Program, with the added benefit of Zero Interest Financing through our finance partners. Start your journey toward a CDL with flexible and affordable payment solutions.

Our pricing structure.

Florida CDL provides convenient monthly and weekly payment options, ensuring flexibility that suits your pace. With our Finance Partners, you can manage your tuition payments comfortably. Don't let tuition costs be a barrier to launching your new career.

If you choose to pay the full amount upfront:

It's a one-time payment of $2,699.00 covering the entire Training Program and the state testing fee.



Includes the state testing fee

Financing Partners

Exciting news! We are partnered with Meritize and Climb, renowned financial institutions with a proven track record nationwide. Access the CDL Class you need by clicking the link below, directing you to Meritize or Climb's site for an easy application process. Contact us or reach out directly to Meritize or Climb for application inquiries. Please note that financing doesn't qualify for promotional discounts, and if you seek promotional reductions, out-of-pocket payment is required. For live support or business hours calls, chat with us!

Climb Credit Finance Logo

Climb Credit Financing

Accelerate your CDL journey with Climb Credit! Our trusted financial partner offers affordable financing options. Visit our Climb Credit application page to kickstart your trucking career today.

Meritize Finance Logo

Meritize Financing

Fuel your CDL dreams with Meritize! Partnered with Florida CDL, Meritize provides tailored financing solutions. Begin your application on our Meritize page for personalized financial options and a step closer to your trucking career.

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